Monday, April 28, 2014

Saying Goodbye

Hola Familia!
Well this definitely goes down as one of the craziest weeks of my
mission.  We had so many things happen this week that I don’t even
know where to start. So first of all, we live with two other sisters
and we are all best friends. Hermana Simonson is my Sister Leader and
it is really fun to live together. However these last two weeks
Hermana Simonson´s companion Hermana Ventura has been really sick and
this last week they were in the hospital a lot. Last P-day we spent
the whole day in the hospital with them and we were in and out of the
hospital doing divisions all week. In the end they found out that she
had a brain problem and that she needed treatment that you can’t get
here in Iquitos so they had to send her home to Mexico. It was kind of
a shock and we were all really sad but we were happy that she was
going to get the care that she needs. So now we are in a trio and it
is a little bit difficult because we have two different areas. My area
and Hermana Simonson´s area are both really struggling and so it has
been really hard to work with one missionary less. We have had a lot
of stress this week and last week we literally lost every investigator
that we had. I guess that is just part of the mission but I know that
the Lord loves us and is watching over us. We just have to keep going
and hope for the best. Oh I also got some funny news from my mission
president’s wife; she told me that I am going to have these parasites
for the next 3 months…. Yay Iquitos! Haha I am just learning to laugh
at the things that happen in my life. The other night we were walking
on some crazy bridges and my shoe totally fell in the river. There
were some little kids fishing with chicken guts so they stopped
fishing for fish and went fishing for my shoe…….. haha it was pretty
funny. How many times am I going to be able to say that my shoe fell
in the Amazon River? Well I love you all; I hope you have a wonderful
week 
Hermana Allphin

on the river again. This is half my area.... so fun!

Plywood bridges :)

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