Monday, April 14, 2014

Jungle Style :)

Hola Familia!!
This week was super fun and I have some really cool pictures to send
you so I am not gonna right a ton but we found some really cool
families this week and we are hoping to get them all progressing for
May. Most of my area right now is under water because the river has
gone up a lot from all of the rain and so we have been walking on a
bunch of little plywood bridges that I am sure are going to break. The
river looks like a meadow because there are so many plants but
underneath it is pure water. It really is so gross because there is so
much trash! They told us that sometimes little kids fall in the river
and they are never found again….. creepy right. I kind of feel like I
am in a jungle gym because we have to climb over all these bridges but
it is really fun. I fell into a sewage pipe this week and my family
has the whole story if you want to hear it  Also I held a huge boa
constrictor this week and it was so cool! I kind of felt like
Voldemort! Enjoy the pictures, I hope you all have a fantastic week 
Love you!
Your favorite jungle missionary

on the river :)

I felt like voldemort

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