Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Arriving in Iquitos; Secada 2!

Getting off the plane on our way to the offices

welcome to Iquitos!

This is where I lived.. whoo!

sporting the rain boots!

Vanessa, Ines, and Leticia

First Baptism

Jimena and her Family

Jimena's Baptism

Me and Hermana Salinas; My Trainer

Guava.... right off the tree!

ready for the rain

Happy Birthday Hna Burrell

Lupe and Carlos Baptism

Family :)

Zona Secada: Transfers.

Leaving Secada.....

Israel, Candy, Rodrigo y Carlita

This is Capitan.... a dog straight out of my nightmares!

He lives in Jimena's house......

More Adventures.....

Hello Friends!

I am just posting some extra pictures that were taken throughout my mission that were not sent home. Just a couple more opportunities to share my wonderful adventures during my time as a missionary. Enjoy!

These are some more fun memories from the CCM!! 6 weeks in Lima were some of the greatest of my life and my mission and I am so grateful that I was given that opportunity.

Inka Cola and Choco-Sodas.... My favorite snack :)

Arriving in Lima

Beautiful MTC

Our teacher's frustration with Elder Workinger

Temple Trip as a District


Street Proselyting in Lima

MTC Teacher; Hna Loayza

Arriving in Lima

Hittin the steets!

Traffic in South America....driving is potential suicide!

District "christmas" party

Volleyball Everyday

Playing Chubby Bunny after dinner

Packing...... it is a real struggle!