Monday, April 14, 2014

While you all were in Hawaii.....

Well I have a really good story for you this week family. So this week
I had a really bad blister on the bottom of my foot because my socks
have holes in them and there is a lot of sand here and so the sand
rubs against my feet and gives me lots of blisters because we walk
miles everyday. So I had this really bad blister and my companion told
me to pop it and let the liquid out so that is what I did. I didnt cut
the skin off though so it was just this empty, open blister on my
foot. Saturday night we were out walking and all the power went out so
we were walking only by the light of the moon and I literally fell
into a whole. Luckily I caught myself before my whole body fell in but
my feet were completely covered in what I thought was mud. When I got
out, I realized that I had fallen into a sewage drain pipe and my feet
were covered in poopy mud! We still had an hour left to work so we
went to teach a lesson. During the lesson my foot started hurting
really bad and when we got back to our house I realized that all of
the poop mud had entered into my blister and was now inside my foot. I
had this huge blueish bubble on the bottom of my foot and my companion
was like "cut that off right now or you are going to have an
infection!" So I cut the blister off with fingernail clippers and
inside was full of this disgusting mud!! I took a really cool picture
because it was so gross. So while you were all chilling in Hawaii, I
was here dying of heat and falling into sewage pipes! Enjoy the
picture, this is my foot after I cut the blister :)

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