Monday, May 5, 2014

The Mission

Hola Familia!
Well I don’t really have too much to report this week but it was one
crazy week. So remember last week when Hermana Ventura went home? So
ya we started this week out as a trio which is fine because we already
live together anyway but we had a few other problems. So we got a new
district leader this transfer and it hasn’t been super easy with him.
Our district is just us three sisters and then him and his companion.
Anyway, it was a really hard month and we knew that something wasn’t
right we just didn’t know what. He ended up in a really interesting
situation and our Zone Leaders and president decided it was probably
better to just get him out so he got an emergency transfer. We have
been living this whole week without a district leader and it has been
really hard! Our Zone Leaders are great and are taking care of us but
it still isn’t super easy. Transfers are today and I am pretty sure
that I am staying in Zona 9 de Octubre en Barrio Internacional again….
Haha I am going to have like 7 months in this area but I trust that
the Lord knows what he is doing. I am happy that I am finally going to
have a district leader again and I hope he is really cool. It is going
to be an interesting transfer but we have a few families that we are
teaching and we hope they will be able to progress. The bridges are
getting sketchier every day and I really think that one day I will
fall in but let’s hope that that doesn’t happen. I love you and hope
you have a wonderful week 
Hermana Allphin

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