Monday, May 4, 2015

9 de Octubre!!!

Milagros, Anna, Luisa

Milagros.... dying of Dengue!

Dengue Fever.....Its awful!

Up to the Chacra for P-day

9 de Octubre!

Wedding Fun!

Antonio and Karina :)

Support Group :)

Signing the marriage papers!

First kiss as husband and wife :)

Daddy Daughter dance :)

Baptism of the Manuyama Family

Jairo's Baptism

Pizza!! Peruvian Pizza......

My chair broke.......this is how I ended up

La umisha...... big totem poles that they make for Carnival :)

Ludwing and Bruno. Great kids!

Mori Macedo Family..... Success!!

In the motokar with breakfast

We love P-day

Lima trip for visa papers!


Classic Elder pose :)

Flying back to Iquitos

Love this Family!

Internacional! Hermana Dickey :)

Walking through the mud

Zone 9 de Octubre

Going in the MotoKar

Multi-Zone service project. We swept up the streets and had a great time doing it!

On the bridge. This was my favorite bridge in my area!

Trying to make pie for Thanksgiving

I love the village in the back!

The river Itaya. This is the river that runs through my area.

Juleisy and Juan. I LOVE these kids!!


We weed-wacked the jungle for our service project!

It got pretty messy!

Christmas Devotional

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning!

Playing soccer in the rain as a zone on Christmas morning

Jian Francis' Baptism

Jian Francis and his Mom Josepha and little sister Genesis

Familia Ramirez-Salas

Inca Kola and pancakes!

Abandoned ship on the river

Love these little kids!

They love playing by the river

Hermana Altagracia. My pensionista

Helen. The only white girl I ever found in Iquitos. She is from Belgium

Juleisy and Juan. Les quiero tanto!