Monday, April 21, 2014

I made some new friends :)

Hola Familia!
Well have I got a story to tell all of you this week! Haha so Thursday morning we had interviews with President. When I woke up that morning I was feeling really sick and when I got to my interview Hna Gomez told me that I had to go to the clinic just to make sure that I didn’t have Dengue fever again. We were in the clinic all day on Thursday with and IV in my hand and it was the longest day of my life and we were having some problems and my mission president had to come to the clinic with his wife and in the end they told me that I have a stomach infection because I have parasites in my stomach! What happened was that we were eating lunch in a members house down in a little shack town and she gave us bad rice.  Haha so yes I have a bunch of little friends in my stomach that are making me sick. They gave me some medicine and now I am feeling better but it was just the most random thing. Lots of the missionaries here get parasites because of the food we eat so it is nothing abnormal but I thought it was pretty funny. First I get this crazy jungle fever then  I fall into a whole full of gross stuff and then I get stomach parasites…. I don’t even want to ask what is gonna happen next while I am here serving in the jungle, you gotta love it. We had a baptism on Saturday of a man named Elio and it was a way good experience and it was so special to see him get baptized. Well that is about all I have to tell you this week Fam, pray for us that we will find some really prepared people this week. And don’t worry, the parasites are not going to kill me J Love you!

 Hermana Allphin

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