Monday, March 3, 2014

The Lord of the Flies

Hola Familia!
Okay so this week was really crazy I have a really good story to tell
you. The week went a little bit slow because everyone was preparing
for Carnival and no one had any time for us. Carnival is this big
holiday in Peru but it is even more celebrated here in the jungle and
I really am excited to tell you all about it. So first of all they
build these huge totem poles that are decorated with like buckets and
chairs and other stuff….. they are huge and they are all over the
place. Okay so during the whole week you just get randomly attacked by
water balloons, it was so weird. We would be walking and then we would
just get nailed with water, it was actually kind of funny! Okay but
here is the creepiest thing about this holiday is that on Sunday night
everyone goes out into the street with face paint and masks dressed up
as Devils. They dance around these huge trees with their masks and
huge drums and they worship Satan! Really it was like a scene directly
out of Lord of the Flies! Needless to say we were not allowed to leave
our houses last night. I am sure Satan was really happy that everyone
was in the street worshipping him and all the missionaries were locked
in their houses. The streets were so crazy! Don’t worry this week will
be much better! That was my fun jungle adventure for the week. We have
a baptism next week of a kid that is almost 17 and wants to go on a
mission and so we are really excited about that. I will let you know
how it goes and send pictures. Love you all! Shout out to Jantzen,
Congratulations on your mission call!! 
Hermana Allphin

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