Monday, February 24, 2014

Wedding and Baptism :)

Hola Familia!
This week was super awesome. I had two really cool and kind of funny
experiences. First of all we had our wedding on Friday and it was so
awesome. Their whole family was there and the church was all decorated
and her dress was beautiful and the cake was amazing and they danced
and they got married and it really just was the best night ever. The
next morning we had all of their baptisms and we also baptized another
man named Jairo who is super awesome, in total we baptized four people
and we were really happy. The best part about all of it was though the
next morning in church when they all got confirmed. All of their
blessings were super specific and I know that this family and Jairo
are going to be strong members of the church and are going to bring
others to the knowledge of the gospel through their example. We have
really seen the hand of the Lord this week with everything that was
going on. We started out this month with nothing, nobody had a
baptismal date and no one was coming to church but we just prayed
really hard and had a lot of faith and in the end we baptized some
really awesome people. I will forever have a testimony that miracles
happen. This is the first family that our ward has baptized in over a
year. I am so humbled to be one of the missionaries that got to be a
part of this wonderful experience. The other experience that I had was
super funny. We were in an activity in our ward and this guy in charge
wanted to do a language exhibition because his son speaks English and
French and I speak English and my companion speaks French and English.
So we are in front of our whole ward and I start speaking English with
him and my companion was translating everything into Spanish. Then it
was her turn to speak French and we realized we had no one to
translate from French to Spanish and so the guy in charge stands up
and says, " And Hermana Allphin is going to translate from French to
Spanish." I was just thinking in my head, wait I don't speak French??
But it was really funny because I could actually understand a lot of
and I was able to translate and no one even knew that I didn't speak
French..... haha the things that happen on a mission. That is all I got
this week, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Talk to you all next week .
Love you!
Hermana Allphin
Baptism :)

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