Monday, March 10, 2014

6 Months Already??

Hola Familia!
Wow I can`t believe that I have already been out here in the field for
6 months!! How time flies. I have changed so much and I really am so
in love with being here in Peru! I would tell you all of the stuff
that has changed but I don’t have time but one really big thing is
that my new favorite food in the whole world is chicken, rice and
fried bananas! Soooo yummy  I literally eat that all the time. So we
had two baptisms on Saturday of two 16 year old boys and it was so
awesome. They have such strong testimonies and they both want to leave
on a mission in the next year or so. Their baptism was so special! We
had a really funny experience last night, so me and my companion had
had the worst night ever! No one wanted to listen to us, we couldn’t
find anyone to teach, everyone was drunk in the street and there was
like concerts everywhere, all of our appointments fell and really we
were just so bummed. We drive by this house of a guy that we had
talked to before and I saw that his wife was inside with him so we
decided to go and talk to them. We get inside and start talking and
this guy starts telling us like everything he knows. He was talking
about philosophy and politics and the purpose of life and really we
could just tell that this guy was really smart. We started teaching
the lesson and everything and the door to their house was open. All of
the sudden I see my district leader and his companion appear in the
doorway. I was so confused because we were really deep into our area
in a little shack town far away in a random house and I could not
understand why he was there or how they had found us. Then I
remembered that they had told us that they were going to come with us
to visit with one of our other investigators that lived in this area
and for some miracle they had seen us teaching in this house. First of
all my district leader and his companion are super awesome! Like
really they are the best, I know them really well because he has been
my district leader for the last 4 months that I have been in the area.
They came in and sat down and my district leader started talking to
this guy and Elder Munoz loves deep doctrine so he gets into this
conversation with this guy and then we found out that the missionaries
one time had given this man a book of Mormon. He asked him if had read
it and the guy was like, “ Ya, I read all of it.” We were all just
trying not to laugh because that does not happen here, people don’t
read. Then he started explaining the whole book of Mormon to us with
like details and everything and he told us that he had written an
essay about it and at that point everyone lost it. We all just started
laughing because this guy was so cool; his wife was dying of laughter
and was just rolling her eyes. We walked home together just laughing
about how random it was that they found us in the house and that my
district leader and this man got along so well! It was seriously the
funniest experience and it was exactly what I needed after a long
night and I am really excited to keep teaching this guy. The Lord
really does love us. Well that is about all I have for you this week,
I am super excited for the baptisms we have on Saturday; they are
going to be awesome. I love you all!
Hermana Allphin

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