Monday, March 31, 2014

Lots of rain, lots of blessings :)

Hola Familia!! 

Haha it is so funny to try and write you all every week because our
weeks are so crazy and filled with so many things that I don’t even
remember what I have done that day and it is really hard to remember
the things I want to tell you. We worked really hard this week and we
found some really good people. It has rained constantly this week and
I have put to good use my rain boots. We come home every day just
covered in mud from the rain. Thank heavens I brought tall boots! We
are really excited for this month of April and we have found some
interesting people. Fun story, the other night we were walking in the
street and we were both a little bummed because all of our
appointments had fallen through and we really didn’t know where we
were going to go and then all of the sudden this like 17 year old girl
appears out of nowhere and says, “ Hi I’m Jennifer, me and my family
just moved here from a different ward and no we live in this ward. My
whole family are  members except for my dad. My dad wants to get
married to my mom and he wants to get baptized. Do you guys have a
couple minutes to come meet with my family?” I was absolutely blown
away! I mean really can you talk about a miracle. We are really
excited to plan their wedding so that their dad can get baptized and
be united with his family. There are miracles in the mission, we see
it every day. We are a little bit stressed right now but I know the
lord is going to take care of us and he is preparing people every day.
The work is hastening, Iquitos Peru is a living testimony of that. I
love you all! Have a great week  don’t forget about me melting and
covered in mud out here in the Amazon jungle 
Hermana Allphin

Hunter's Jaguar

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