Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Small and Simple Things

Hola Familia!
Wow this week was super crazy but very rewarding. First of all we had
three baptisms on Saturday that were super awesome. It was three kids
and their mom but their mom cant get baptized yet because of some
problems that she is having. This is the investigator that President
visited with us and her three kids finally got baptized. The oldest
son Marco really wants to go on a mission and he is already preparing
to leave. I know he will be an awesome missionary and it is a really a
miracle that he has made this decision. Another really cool story is
that I did a work visit with my Sister Leader this week and we went
and visited one of her investigators that is going to get baptized.
She is a single mom that I had contacted in the street like a month
ago because her two little girls were in my ward in Secada and I love
them. I saw them with their mom and she gave me her address but it
wasn’t in my area so I gave the reference to the other Sisters. We
went to visit this lady and Hermana Simonson told her, “Ya Hermana
Allphin was the one who gave me your address and that is why we came
to your house to visit you the first time.” This lady, her name is
Nelly, she just looked at me and grabbed my hand and just was like
thank you, thank you, thank you! At the end of the lesson we got up to
leave and she gave me the biggest hug ever and said, “I didn’t know it
was you who had given my name to the missionaries. I am so glad that
God put you in my path; you don’t even know how much I needed to find
Jesus in my life when you came and talked to me and you made it all
possible. You all have really been my angels. I will forever be
grateful.” I just felt so much love for her and I realized that really
all of the small and simple things that we do every day really make a
difference. She is going to get baptized with her two little girls who
I love and they love me and even though it is not my baptism I am so
excited. We had one of the seventy come and talk to us last week and
it was so inspirational and we learned so much! His name is C. Scott
Grow and he was super awesome. We are looking forward to this week and
transfers are coming up. I am headed to Lima this week to do some
paper work for my visa…. Yay! I am excited to go back to Lima for a
day or two, it should be fun  Wish me luck with my travelling. I will
talk to you all next week  Love you!
Hermana Allphin

Me at my baptism a week ago. These two boys want to go on missions :)

Me at my baptism this week! I love this family so much! :)

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