Monday, November 24, 2014

Gigantic Triantula

Hola Familia!
Wow I feel like I have so much to tell you but I dont know where to start. To begin, President and Sister Gomez came this week with the Assistants for Zone Conference and it was such an awesome experience. The trainings were so inspired and we were really edified and uplifted. President talked a lot about how we should baptize what the church needs so that we can fortify the Kingdom faster. They talked a lot about how we really need to look for the prepared people and not to baptize people that are not ready to be baptized so that they do not become less-active members. The next day, President and Sister Gomez came to our house for our weekly planning session and it was an interesting experience as we were planning for the Davila family, our family that got married last week. We were asking President about this family and about what we should do and he told us something very interesting. He said, “ It sounds like you want them to get baptized so much that you are overlooking the fact that maybe they need more time to prepare.” Reflectioning on that we knew that he was right. We decided to make the final decision based on what happened on Sunday. Sunday morning we passed by their house and they were all ready to go to chuch. We went to wait for them in the chapel and then only the husband showed up. We asked them what happened and he said that him and his wife got into a fight and that she wasnt going to come to church. Hence the decision was made, they are not going to get baptized on Saturday. We  went to their house last night and had a really good lesson and worked everything out and put the date that President had suggested that we put, the 13th of December. They accepted that baptismal date and are really excited. Sometimes we just have to be patient and accept the Lord´s timing. We also had a funny experience this week. We knelt down by our desks to start planning and my companion just started screaming. I looked down and there was this GIGANTIC triantula on the ground!! Seriously it was huge. We didnt know what to do so I got the broom and my companion got the trash can and I started scaring her way and she dropped the trash can on it. We were scared that the spider was going to move the trash can because it was so big so we put a huge spanish Bible on it J The next morning we called like all of our leaders and no one wanted to kill the spider but finally the Zone Leaders came because they had to drop off some stuff. Elder Brown walked in armed with the broom and he kicked over the trash can and speared the spider….. while my other zone leader was in the corner with us screaming J It was soooo funny! We lived and everything was fine. Well that is it for this week. Love you all, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You have much to be grateful for, trust me! I love you all!
Hermana Allphin

District Picture 

Isis :) My pensionista´s little girl. I love her!!

Giant Triantula in my house!! 

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