Monday, November 17, 2014

Wedding Madness!

Hola Familia
Bueno, de verdad no quiero escribir en inglés pero voy a intentar ya? This week was full of crazy adventures like always. To start off, it rained all week!! Literally it started raining on Tuesday and didnt stop until Saturday. We were out trudging in the extremely muddy streets everysingle day and let me tell you, my shoes and socks are all covered in thick, red mud….. gotta love the rain forest! I guess it was a nice change from the tremendous heat. So this week we worked soooo hard so that this wedding would turn out alright and by some miracle it did. We have two awesome Zone Leaders who were able to get all the paperwork done and we did all that we could so that everything would go smoothly and really, their wedding was such a success! Xiomara is 18 and Oliver is 21 and they got a lot of crap about getting married because here in the Jungle people dont get married, they just live together their whole lives. Oliver was so nervous the day of the wedding but when Xiomara walked in she looked absolutely stunning and it was a wonderful experience. We had something called a Massive Wedding which means that more than one couple got married. In total, there were five couples that got married at the same time. All the couples were up front with the companionships of stressed out missionaries in the back working relentlessly to make everything perfect. All of us were very satisfied though J They cut the cake at the end and there was a table full of food. Cultural note: Peruvians love their food! They swarmed to the table like vultures and the food was gone in ten seconds. One Elder almost lost his arm just trying to grab for a sandwich. It was pretty funny!  I am so priviledged to serve with the Elders and Sister who I am serving with. They all work so hard and it was so awesome to see the joy on their faces as their investigators were married. I think we all gave a mutual sigh of relief at the end. It was a beautiful experience and you could tell that the families were all very happy. Some of the couple that were married were older and had multiple children. Our couple only has one little boy and his name is Angelo…. And he is adorable. Now they are a family J They came to church yesterday finally and we are hoping for their baptism on the 29th of November. We will see what happens. Thank you for all of your prayers. I love you all!

Hermana Allphin

Beautiful Bride :)

Wedding Fun :)

The Wedding was a Success!

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