Monday, September 29, 2014

Women`s Conference

Hey family,

Well this week was a stressful one, lots of things to do! We found some really cool people and some new families and we are really excited about them so hopefully they progress. So we had the opportunity this week to go to the Womens Conference and honestly it was so inspired. We worked really hard and we were able to have two of our recent converts and one of our investigators come. While the others were watching it in the chapel, me and my companion and another sister went to the stake presidents office so that we could watch it in English. We have been talking a lot about the importance of temples and keeping covenants with our recent converts so we were really happy that the talks were all focused on that. Also we had an investigator there that we are hoping will accept a baptismal date for the 25th of October. She was also really inspired. We went to church yesterday and not a lot of investigators came but Francis ( the man who got baptized last week) brought his nephew and his brother. After church they bothed asked us if they could get baptized!!!! We were so excited! We have never taught them before but we are hoping to help them progress. We have a baptism of 13-year-old girl named Ariana! She is so excited for her baptism and so are we. Something that President Uchtdorf said in his talk really inspired me, he said, " Do you really think that Heavenly Father cares if your make-up, hair, nails and clothes are perfect?" That really hit me because being here in the jungle, my hair, make-up, clothes and nails are sooooo far from perfect. With regard to worldly beauty I have very little but that is not what is important to God, he is just happy that we are doing his work. Well, elections are next week in Peru so we will not be able to watch conference until October 12th but I hope you all enjoy it and feel inspired by the words of the prophets..... I will be sitting here watching election campaigns! Love you!

Hermana Allphin

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