Monday, September 8, 2014

We are with you

Hola familia!!
Wow fam I have a lot to tell you this week. So first of all I have a couple spiritual experiences and then I have a really funny story just for my little brother! So my zone leaders gave us such a cool training the other day. Things right now are hard in the mission and there are a lot of missionaries really struggling but its fine, we will all get through it. My zone leaders gave us a training about the atonement that was super cool. First my zone leader started out by asking us to think about what we were doing while we were watching down from heaven as the Savior suffered the atonement. Did we hear his cries or count his steps? Then he asked us very simply, “If you were watching the Savior from heaven suffer for your sins, what would you have said to him?” That was such a profound question and really I could not think of anything that would be worth saying. After that my other Zone Leader got up and gave us his training and then at the end he paused and said, Really, I don’t know what we would have said while watching the Savior suffer for us but I think it would have been something simple like “We are with you” that seriously touched my heart because that is the exact same thing that the Savior now says to us when we are going through trials, “I am with you.” Really it is something that I will always remember. Also we contacted someone in the street the other day and then out of nowhere he came to church and could feel peace and the spirit even though his wife died a couple months ago.  He lives alone so the elders are going to go visit him but he says he wants to be a member of the church….. Golden contact! Alright hunty are you ready? Well this is what happened to me the other night.  So we always leave our window open at night because it is so incredibly hot and we have a big mirror that leans up against the window on the window sill. So the other night at like 1:30 in the morning we hear this huge crashing sound! We both got startled and woke up and my companion saw a big black thing run under my bed and then a couple seconds later we hear the horrible sound of a crying cat!! My companion turned on the light and I jumped on her bed while she jumped on my bed with a copy of the Liahona trying to get this cat out of the house. We were jumping across the beds for like ten minutes trying to get the cat out of the house while this thing was like screaming. Finally it ran out and the mirror was completely shattered! We decided to worry about it in the morning and just go back to sleep. Just when we were about to get back in bed we smelled the most awful smell in the whole world… seriously! We moved my bed and this dumb cat had like diarrhea pooped and peed all under my bed. On my shoes, suitcase everything!!! Oh my gosh it was so disgusting! We spent like half an hour cleaning it up. We threw dirt and detergent and soap and lots of other things but really, our house still smells bad! It is just another testimony that I HATE CATS!  Well hunty, I hope you liked my story. We put pieces of the broken mirror to the window to use as a mirror and now it just looks like we are spying on the neighbors…. Oh mission life! Well I love you all; I hope you have a wonderful week. Talk to you soon!
Hermana Allphin

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