Monday, September 22, 2014

The Chauca Family

Hola Familia!
Well this week was another crazy week filled with lots of adventures. First of all the Chauca family got baptized this week and let me tell you, their baptism did not go down without a fight. Satan really put every obstacle in our way but in the end it all worked out. This family has had such a struggle to get baptized but they finally beat Satan and they followed the example of Jesus Christ. They are some of the most special people I have ever met and they will forever be in my heart. They really are converted and I am so happy that the Lord placed them in my life. Every day I see people fall into the many traps and temptations that the adversary has set up and it really brings such joy to my heart when I see someone who has fallen many times, rise above those temptations and follow the Savior. There are not words to describe it. I also had another really cool experience this week.  So as Sister Leaders we do work visits with the sisters to help them out. So this we did a work visit and I went to another area to work with a greenie from Utah J They have a baptismal date that we had to go teach….. the only problem was that their baptismal date is from Brazil and speaks NO Spanish! She can understand it a little bit but she only responds in Portuguese. It was me with another Gringa that is still learning Spanish. She told me, “Hermana Allphin, I can’t really understand her at all so you are going to have to help me teach this lesson.” I prayed before the lesson that the spirit would bless me with the gift of tongues. We went into the lesson and we started teaching in Spanish and we said a prayer and just went for it. We would say something in Spanish and she would respond in Portuguese and it was a little hard but, I understood everything she was saying perfectly! The spirit was so strong in the lesson because he was really there helping us teach and understand even though we were speaking two different languages. I think my next feat will be to learn Portuguese, I kind of like it a lot. The gift of tongues is real family, I testify to that. If two white girls from Utah can go and teach a lesson in Spanish and understand everything in Portuguese….then the gift of tongues is real. Don’t doubt it! I love you all, enjoy the pictures. Talk to you next week!
Hermana Allphin

The Chauca Family. I love them sooo much!
Raquel`s Baptism
Leaving Tarapoto.... Hermana Martha
stake activity..... being angels in the choir :) Yes, we are wearing baptismal clothes!

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