Monday, September 15, 2014

Pucallpa- Sister Leader Trainer :)

Hola Familia J
Well I dont even know where to start with this week. First of all, transfers. So I did get transferred out of Tarapoto and I was assigned to work in the city of Pucallpa! I was so excited because I have wanted to come to this city my whole mission. Pucallpa is the farthest city away from Iquitos, it is actually closer to Cusco. Tuesday I got on a plane and left Tarapoto and then I had to fly to Lima (freezing cold!) and then I got on a plane and came to Pucallpa (sooooo hot!!!) I really love this place though. Another big surprise about these transfers was that I got called to be the new Sister Leader Trainer for this zone! The church made this new calling for sister missionaries about two years ago and basically what it is that me and my companion are kind of responsible for all of the sisters here in this city (there are 10 ) with respect to their health and wellbeing. We have to do work visits, obedience checks, doctors’ visits and trainings. We work with the district and zone leaders so that we can help the Sisters in every way possible. It is a big responsibility but I am really excited to fulfill it. I am now in Zone Centenario and my ward is called Ucayali! We had a baptism on Saturday of a woman named Raquel and she is the sweetest person ever. Her baptism was so spiritual. We have another family that is getting baptized this Saturday and they are the cutest family ever. I hope that we don’t have problems this week and that their baptism will go smoothly. My new companion`s name is Hermana Kirk…… and do you know what? We are in the same group! I met her in the airport in Salt Lake City right before coming on my mission. She is from Utah and we literally are the best of friends. I am excited to be serving in this ward with this companion. Well family, that is all I have for you this week. It was a really crazy rewarding week J talk to you soon!
Hermana Allphin

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