Monday, May 19, 2014

My New Calling :)

Hola familia J
This week was crazy as usual but we had some funny experiences. We had zone conference this week and President came to Tarapoto and it was really inspiring! This week we got caught in a huge rain storm and we were way back in the forest and we were walking around in the dark for like an hour, soaking wet, trying not to fall down the slippery muddy slopes into the river…. It was pretty funny not going to lie. The area that I work in really is in the middle of the forest and at night there are no lights. We have a little flashlight that we use to try and help us get a long but most the time we just kind of guess where we are going. The stars and the moon are so bright that they light the pathways and the frogs croak really loud along the river and there are tons of bats that fly around…. Strange little world I live in. Haha so this week I got a new “calling.” In the branch that I am serving there is not a single person who plays the piano and so they usually just sing acapella and it doesn’t sound to great but this white girl from Utah walks in and the first thing that everyone thinks is, “piano player.” The branch president asked me if I would play all of the hymns in sacrament meeting from now on. I have been avoiding that responsibility for a while but I knew it would catch up to me J the hymns did sound better yesterday though. So the person that was going to get baptized on Saturday decided that he didn’t want to and so we were kind of sad about that but I know the lord is preparing other people. The Lord is hastening his work and I am so glad that I get to be a part of it. I love you all, have a great week J
Hermana Allphin
beautiful Tarapoto :) 

Shilcayo :)

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