Monday, May 12, 2014

Email to Hunter

Hey buddy!
aso macho it was soo good to talk to you yesterday except that you
only talked to me for a few seconds..... que pumas!! oh well I am
super excited to talk to you more on Sunday! I dont have any way cool
stories for you this week but I hope you liked the story last week of
the kids fishing for the paranas :) I miss you lots dude, I hope you
are excited for school to be out so that you can email me every monday
:) OH guess what? I got attacked by a monkey and a chicken this week!
I was sitting in a lesson teaching these people and this monkey jumps
through the window and lands on my shoulder! I freaked out, the monkey
was soooo ugly. My companion was laughing so hard! Also there is this
parrot that lives in a house next to my investigators and you know how
parrotts copy everything they hear? Well this parrott was mimicking a
screaming baby! I am teaching and all of a sudden I hear this wailing
horrible cry from out the window. We ran to see what was happen and we
look out and see this parrott just chillin in the window, wailing like
a baby..... the jungle is a little weird not gonna lie. I think my
lungs are gonna die because people have campfires inside their
houses...... Also i went to teach a lesson and the persons pet chicken
totally attacked me.... not cool! Okay well I hope you have an awesome
week :) I will talk to you more on Sunday. Love you!!!!

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