Monday, May 26, 2014

The Old Woman and the Tree :)

Hola Familia J
Well not gonna lie this week was pretty average. We hiked lots of mountains, walked through lots of mud, jumped over some rivers, ran into a few llamas… you know, normal stuff. This week we were walking down this big, steep mountain and we saw this old woman carrying these big tree trunks on her shoulders trying to get them down the mountain. We stopped and asked if she could use some help and she was so grateful for our offer. My companion and I pick up this big tree trunk on our shoulders and we carried it down the mountain. It was more than a little funny let me tell you. Seeing two girls in skirts walking down the mountain carrying a tree only drew a little bit of attention. We had people outside cheering us on, it was quite hilarious. We are going to go visit the old woman this week and hopefully she is cool. It is really hard to get people to come to church because they live in little mountain villages far away from church but we are hoping that somehow we will have investigators come. We are teaching some families right now that we are hoping to progress in June, but we kind of need a miracle. Well that is all I got this week, talk to you soon J
Hermana Allphin

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