Monday, February 10, 2014

Trust in the Lord

Hola Familia!
Okay this week was literally so great! The best week in my mission so
far. So first of all we went to someone´s lot in the middle
of the jungle for p-day. We went with our whole zone with some members
and while the members started cooking lunch we decided to go exploring
in the Jungle. We are all like climbing through all of these trees and
jumping over logs and little rivers and my zone leader was in front
cutting a pathway with a machete… it was super funny. We stopped for a
second to take a break and we were all talking and we looked down and
our feet and legs were covered in ants. Everyone just started
screaming and we started running back through the jungle as fast as we
could. Just picture 10 white missionaries running and screaming
through the jungle…. It was really hilarious. After that we ate
chicken and yucca on palm tree leaves…. With our hands. No plates,
just leaves haha it was super funny. So this week we were working
super hard to find new people and have people come to church. The last
couple of weeks we have only had a couple of people in church and it
is super hard. We went to all of our lessons with members and we did
divisions and we got lots of good references. When we came to church
we had 12 people in church! We were so happy and excited. So
heavenly father knew that  I couldn´t live without a mom so he sent me
a mom here in Iquitos. Her name is Hna. Lulù and she does everything
for us missionaries. She cooks and washes the clothes for the Elders
and she does anything we need her to do. She took care of me when I
was sick with Dengue. She is amazing and she introduced me to her
brother and his wife and they are not members and they came to church
. We went and visited them after church and they told us that
they want to have more unity in their family and live the way that God
wants them to live. It was such and awesome lesson and they are going
to get baptized and married Their wedding is the 24th of this month
and they are getting baptized. My companion and I were super
excited…. I have no idea how to plan a wedding in two weeks but I am
going to learn! We have some really awesome families right now that
are progressing and attending church and I have really been able to
see how much the Lord has been helping us. This area is difficult but
we have been working hard and the Lord is leading us and guiding us in
everything we do. I am so grateful to be here on his errand to bring
these wonderful families to the knowledge of the gospel. It is the
greatest opportunity I have ever been given.  Just pray that we can
get everything organized for this wedding. I love you all, have an
awesome week!
Your favorite jungle missionary

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