Monday, February 17, 2014

The Wedding Planner

Hola Familia!
Wow this week was a crazy one! Lots of people to find an lots of
things to plan. So we had transfers on Monday and thankfully I didn’t
have a transfer. I am still in Internacional with my companion. I was
super happy that I get to finish her training. The work was kind of
slow this week and we didn’t find as many people as we wanted to but
this week is going to be better.  I am so excited for this upcoming
week though. We had a little change of plans for the wedding of
Antonio and Karina. They are now going to get married and baptized
this Friday! There was one point in my life that I thought it would be
fun to be a wedding planner but really I think it would just be a lot
of stress. They are going to get married at 6, baptized at 7 and there
reception is at 8!! It is going to be a big night but we are hoping to
have four baptisms so that should be super awesome. It is a lot of
work to coordinate a wedding but I love this family so much and they
are so prepared to accept the gospel. They have had other missionaries
visit them before and they didn’t want to get baptized but the husband
told me of a really cool experience he had. He said that before he
didn’t believe in Joseph Smith, he didn’t think the church was true
and he and his family had a lot of problems…. Then he read the Book of
Mormon. He told me that his whole life changed from starting to read
that book and he made the decision to get baptized and married, but he
didn’t tell anyone about his decision because they were having
financial problems and he didn’t want to do it. He told us that he
just kept reading and that he knew it was what he needed to do and
then shortly after we showed up on his door step. They came to church
that week without hesitation and accepted a baptismal and marriage
date the same day. This family has accepted the word of wisdom is
attending church with their three kids and they read the Book of
Mormon and pray together as a family every night. They are going to be
strong members of the church and one day they will get sealed in the
temple! I feel so humbled that I have had the experience to teach this
wonderful family because they have really taught me what it means to
put your trust in God and do what he wants you to do. This week is
going to be stressful because we have a lot to do but it is going to
be such a wonderful experience to watch this family get baptized with
their kids. I love being a missionary! I get a front row seat to watch
the atonement change people’s lives  I love you all, wish me luck!
Hermana Allphin

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