Monday, February 3, 2014

Miracles Happen

Hola Familia!
Wow this week was super crazy. I don't even know why but it was just
like a whirlwind. My companion and I worked really hard this week to
find new people and new families and we did everything we could. We
found this one guy and his family that were super awesome. We were
walking in the street on our way to an appointment and this guy was
sitting outside his house fixing his Moto and he was like "Elders! Hi
how's it going?" I was kind of laughing because everyone here calls us
elders but I was like well at least he knows who the missionaries are.
We started talking to him and he told us that he is a seaman and had
lived in the United States for twelve years. He told me that in every
state he had lived in ( he has lived in like ten different states) he
has seen the missionaries pass by and they always stopped to talk to
him. He told me that he had seen a lot of chapels but never went in.
He continued to tell us that he was home now from work and living with
his family here in Peru. I was super excited and we went back to teach
him a few days later with his wife. We taught them the restoration and
they accepted all of it really quickly. His wife came to church with
us yesterday which was way awesome and they are really excited to keep
learning more. He wasn't able to come to church because his job is
demanding and he works a lot but we are going to keep praying for a
miracle that he can come to church with us next week so that they can
get married and baptized. We met a lot of really awesome people this
week and we are working super hard to find others who are ready to
accept the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We found a man with
his family the other day and he had a broken neck and he told us that
he was drunk one night and fell off his roof. We taught him and his
wife about repentance and how through Jesus Christ everyone can change
their lives. He was so attentive and told us to come back the next
day. We taught him the restoration the next lesson and again he was
super attentive and really listening. The next lesson we were going to
teach the word of wisdom and I was really interested to see how he was
going to take it because I knew he had an alcohol problem. After we
taught the lesson I asked him if he would live the word of wisdom. He
said, "Hermana I didn´t know that this was a commandment of God. But
now that I know I am going to live it. You told me that I could change
and I know this is going to help me change." I was so happy to hear
him say that.  He also accepted baptism. The only hard thing is that
he lives in a little town on the river where there are no missionaries
and no church houses and he is going to go back there in a couple
weeks. I hope that one day he will come in contact with the
missionaries again somehow if he doesn't have time to get baptized
before he leaves. The mission is really hard but I get the chance to
have unique experiences every day and I know the Lord is preparing
people here for me to teach. It has been a hard couple of weeks but we
are pushing through it and doing our best. Miracles happen; that I
know. I love you!
Hermana Allphin

Sitting in my house dying of Dengue fever.... that disgusting red
stuff is the medicine that I had to take and really.... it is so

Milagros baptism with her two little sisters :)

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