Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another week of being sick!

Hola Familia!
Okay so this week was super unexciting again because I was still
recovering from being sick so I was in my house for a couple of days
this week. Being sick really is no fun. The good news is that Milagros
got baptized…. Again this week. She is super awesome and I hope that
she keeps going to church. We worked really hard this week to find new
people but we really didn’t find a ton. The work has been kind of slow
in our area for the last couple weeks but I have faith that this week
is going to be much better. We were teaching a family last night that
we have been teaching for a while and the dad told me that he has a
testimony of the Book of Mormon and the mom told me that she knows
that the church is true. We invited them to baptism and they both said
that they wanted to but when we put a baptismal date they were both
like…. No way that is way too soon we want to wait. We were a little
bit bummed about that but we are going to keep working with them and
hopefully they can have a change of heart. So I am really excited
because today for P-day we are going to Quistococha which is the
jungle zoo type thing with this really cool fake beach. We go to
Quistococha one time every transfer and its super awesome and we play
volleyball on the beach and there are lots of cool animals. The last
time we went to Quistococha I ate Suri… for those of you who don’t
know what Suri is, it’s this big fat slug that lives in the guava
trees. They go and pick it off the tree and then you eat it. I picked
up this huge fat worm that was squirming around and I thought I was
going to die. Me and two other sisters ate it at the same time and all
the elders were like screaming and chanting and it was really funny.
First you have to bite off the body from the head, eat the body while
it is moving in your mouth and then eat the head separate. Honestly it
didn’t taste super bad but the texture of having a moving worm in my
mouth was not super fun. I don’t think that I am going to eat Suri
again today but I am going to make my companion do it because it is a
mission tradition and she is new  Well that is all I got for you this
week, this coming week should be more exciting because I am not going
to be in my house sick. Have an awesome week; I love you all so much!
Hermana Allphin

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