Monday, August 25, 2014

Be Like Aaron

Hola Familia!
 Well this week we didnt see any great miracles but the Lord did help me to understand a little bit better. Yesterday we were sitting in church and I was sitting at the piano, glumly looking out into the congregation realizing that once again we had zero investigators come to church, meaning that we cannot set a baptismal date with anyone, meaning that we are going to blank out for the fourth time. I was really sad and while they were passing the sacrament I had the thought come into my mind to pull out my Book of Mormon and start reading. I started reading from the part that I left off at which was the end of the story of Ammon. Ammon is commanded from the Lord to go to another part of the land to rescue his brothers. When he gets there he is saddened for the many afflictions that they had had to suffer.  There is a scripture that is talking about the missionary labors of Aaron and his companions that says, “And they preached the gospel to many… and there were few that believed.” This scripture really touched my heart because we are preaching the gospel to literally every person that we can find, but really there are few who believe. A little bit later in the story the scripture says something like, “ it was their luck to fall into the hands of the people with harder hearts” haha well at least that is what is says in Spanish! In Iquitos I felt like Ammon, I found a lot of people who were really prepared to get baptized but ever since I have come to Tarapoto, we have not found anyone.  After reading that scripture I circled it and wrote next to it the word, “Tarapoto” because really I feel that exact same way. However, Aaron and his brothers keep being diligent and a little later on the scriptures say, “and the Lord began to bless them” I know that in some moment the Lord will start to bless us. We are working really hard and doing the best we can but it was our luck to fall into the hands of the more hardened people. We are just going to keep being diligent and the Lord will bless our efforts. This week I will complete a year in the mission! I couldn’t even begin to tell you all the things that I have learned. However I do know that the Lord works in mysterious ways and the road to salvation is not easy but if we follow the Savior, he will always light the way. Things will be okay in the end. I am grateful for the hard experiences that we have that make us stronger, the Lord needs strong people to build his kingdom. I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Hermana Allphin

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