Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hola Familia!

Alright so this week was seriously absolutely crazy! So Monday after I
emailed you guys we went to the offices to find out about transfers
and guess what?? I got transfered!! I was seriously in shock because I
was only in Secada for 6 weeks. When my Zone Leader called my name for
transfers I was literally so surprised. I got transferred to Zona 9 de
Octubre and I am serving in Barrio Internacional. It was honestly a
little bit hard for me because I had to leave all of my investigators
and I wasnt able to go to their baptisms this weekend :( Want to know
the craziest part about all of this? My new companion is Hermana
Dickey! Remember the girl I met on facebook before I left on my
mission? Ya we both have six weeks in the mission feild, we are both
white, and we are co-companions because we dont have a senior
companion or a junior companion. We both havent finished our training
so for the next six weeks we have to train eachother! This area is
really new and so we worked really really hard this week to try and
find new investigators and less- active families to teach. We have a
few really good people that we are teaching but no one has accepted a
baptism date yet and so we are kind of bummed out about that. Everyone
was seriously so surprised that they put two gringas together who only
have 6 weeks in the mission. No one believed it until they saw it! We
were all freaking out and President was just sitting there laughing at
all of the looks of shock on everyone`s faces!  Funny story of the
week: We were sitting in church yesterday and this woman gets up to
give a talk. At the end of her talk she says, Okay now I am going to
sing a special musical number to end. So a man gets up to play the
piano and he is wearing a bright blue jewish cap...and then she starts
singing and it sounded absolutely horrible and she was belting as loud
as she could and flailing her arms around as she was singing "Redeemer
of Isreal." Hermana Dickey and I were trying so hard not to laugh it
was so hilarious! The only thought in my mind was that, "Our
investigators are going to think that church is so weird!" It was a
pretty fun time! I hope Thanksgiving was super fun and that you ate a
big turkey!  My spanish is coming a long really really well and the
lord has really blessed me! Here in Iquitos they speak with a really
funny accent called Charapa and it is like when they talk they are
singing because they move their voices so much. Now everytime I am
teaching a lesson or talking with someone they are always like. " Wow
you speak really good Charapa! You have an Iquitos accent!" Haha so
when I call you in a month at Christmas dont make fune of my funny
voice! Wish me luck this week, have fun getting ready for Christmas!
Love you!
Hermana Allphin

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