Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lots of Weddings!

Hola Familia!

Wow this week seriously went by sooo fast. We had a really good week
but we also had a lot of problems. Interesting story number one: Our
Zone Leaders called us on Tuesday night (we serve in the same ward as
our ZLs) and they told us that the massive wedding that is free got
cancelled. The problem with that is that our zone has 5 families that
need to get married on Friday so that they can get baptized on
Saturday. We immediately started preparing papers and  other stuff so
that we could organize our own wedding for this Friday so that
everyone doesnt lose their baptismal dates. The next morning we were
coming back from the Municipalidad (wedding papers) and we had been
trying to call our Zone Leaders all morning and they hadnt answered
and so finally someone answered the phone and it was some weird guy
that said he bought this phone for 20 soles.... we were like Oh no the
zone leaders lost their phone! Sure enough they show up at our house
an hour later and tell us that they lost their phone at the airport.
Obviously they cant survive without a phone because they have a lot to
do so we had to give them our phone. It was so hard to be so
disconnected from the world for three days because we couldnt contact
anyone! But we have our phone back so everything is good :) Our
baptism on Saturday was so crazy! We show up at 7:00 and there were
tons of people in the chapel. We found out that there was a marriage
going on but the person that was coming to marry the people hadnt
shown up yet. All of our investigators were waiting in the Chapel and
we had to wait til the wedding was over to start the baptisms. So
remember Hna. Lupe? Ya she got baptized this Saturday and honestly the
moment she entered the water I felt such a huge relief! It has been a
huge struggle to get her to baptism and we had a lot of opposition but
in the end it all turned out okay. Our other baptism was Carlos
Torres. He is an old man and his wife died a long time ago. His
son-in-law baptized him and his daughter was watching and when he came
out of the water he gave his son-in-law the biggest hug and it was
soooo sweet. Alright one more funny story: After the baptism, everyone
went back in the chapel for testimonies and the closing song and
prayer. There was  enough people that we filled up the whole chapel
because everyone stayed after the wedding. I got up to lead the
closing hymn and we start going and nobody was singing.... I was
singing, my companion was singing and the two Elders were singing and
that was it. Nobody knew the song and no one had hymn books and I am
just standing there awkardly leading the song in front of like 100
people.... ya it was super awkard! I definitely have lots of
adventures every week but I love it! Transfers are today and I am
really nervous, honestly anything could happen but I am pretty sure I
will be staying in Secada for a few more months! Enjoy your
Thanksgiving holiday! Love you all!
Hermana Allphin

this is hna. Lupe and hno. Carlos at the baptism... They are awesome!

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