Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways!

Hola Familia!

Okay so I really dont have a lot of time this week to write because
the internet cafe is really really crowded but I want to tell you all
about a way cool experience that we had this week. So we have this
investigator named Lita and she has a ton of family problems. Last
week she had an interview with President Gomez so that he could assess
the situation because at this point we cant do anything else. After
her interview, President told us that he was going to come the next
week to our area to visit Lita. We were a little bit in shock because
that is very rare for your mission president to come visit with your
investigators but we didnt really think about it. Saturday came and we
remembered that this was the day President was planning on coming. We
asked our District leader what the plan was and he was like
,"President is coming to visit your investigator??" Haha and he had no
idea so he told us to call the Zone Leaders. We call them and they
were super shocked and surprised as well and they didnt know what the
plan was either so they called the assistants and the assistants told
us to call President!! Hermana Dickey and I were like..... ugh you
want us to call president directly? We called and set up an apointment
and that night we met up with him and Hermana Gomez. We went to her
house and President was talking to her for a while and asking her
questions and stuff and then after he was like okay Hermana´s what do
you want to teach? I was so nervous! I was like oh my goodness I cant
teach a lesson with my mission president and his wife here! But we
started teaching the lesson and it actually went really well! The
spirit was really strong and it was exactly what she needed! After our
lesson he told us that we did a good job and that he is going to come
to our ward tomorrow for church! He came for church and our only
investigators at church were Lita and her kids :( Sometimes it is
really hard to motivate people to come to church! But anyway it was a
way cool experience and I am so grateful for all the help we recieved!
One more thing, we got a reference from a girl today who is from
Belgium and she wants us to come teach her. The problem is that she
only speaks English and when I was trying to talk to her I was having
trouble speaking english, I kept lapsing back into spanish! How cool
is it that the missionaries in her area are two gringas that speak
English? The Lord works in mysterious ways and it will definitely be
interesting to teach in English! I have been speaking spanish for 3
months and it is honestly harder to speak english sometimes. Wish me
luck!! I love you all !
Hermana Allphin

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