Monday, November 4, 2013

Happy Halloween :)

So this week was super good but to tell you the truth I cant remember
most of what happened. The days seem to blur together. So Halloween
was this week and I was super excited for it but the sad thing is that
here, nobody celebrates Halloween :( no decorations, no costumes, no
candy....nada. That was kind of a bummer but we did have a fun
experience that night. We are teaching a family right now that I love!
They are getting married this month and they have two little kids
named Rodrigo and Carla. This family is always so fascinated whenever
I talk about my culture and the U.S. I was telling them about what we
do on Halloween and Rodrigo was dying, he was like " What! You get
candy on Halloween?" Haha my mom sent me a package for Halloween that
had like Skittles and some other candy and some fake spiders in it so
I decided to give this kid a fun Halloween. That night I put the candy
and the spiders in a bag and brought it with me to the lesson. At the
end of the lesson I was like okay Rodrigo I know you wanted to know
what Halloween is like the States so I brought you a present. I pulled
out the bag of candy and he literally couldnt contain his joy! He was
jumping around and he was like "Mom look look!" They were all so happy
and they put the fake spiders all over their house. They had no idea
what skittles were because they have never tried them but they all
loved them soooo much! It was a pretty fun experience. So one thing
that I have neglected to mention in my past emails is that we use
these things called motokars to get where we need  to go. It is a
little carriage strapped onto the back of a motorcylce and we use them
to travel long distances... super sketchy but fun :) It has been
raining a ton here in the past few weeks and the mud is crazy bad but
està bien! We have transfers in a couple week and we think we are
going to be put in a trio because we have a lot of new hermana´s that
need trainers. Right now I am the baby of the mission because I am the
youngest girl but not for very much longer. That is all I have for you
this week, I love you all! Talk to you next week!
Hermana Allphin

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