Monday, November 11, 2013

When it pours!

Hola Familia!

Wow this week went by so fast! I cant believe that it is already
Monday again. So nothing spectacular happened this week, just taught
lots of lessons and the sun is my worst enemy. We did have a really
funny experience this week with the rain. We left our house at about
10:00 in the morning and the sun was blazing. We decided to go teach
some families in a little invasion town in our area that is kind of
far away from our house. Invasion towns are little villages in the
middle of nowhere with plywood bridges and stick houses.....anyway we
were teaching our recent convert Vanessa and her family and all of the
sudden the sky got dark and we heard lots of thunder. We opened the
door and it was the craziest thing because we could literally see the
rain coming right for us in huge sheets. We saw it getting closer and
closer so we closed the door as tight as we could and waited. There
was a huge flash of lighting and then the floods came. The thunder was
so loud that it was shaking the house and we couldnt hear eachother
because the rain was so loud. Keep in mind that we are sitting in a
little shack with a piece of metal for a roof and their is lightning
everywhere. The wall to the house started falling down and the water
started coming in. I seriously thought we were gonna die but it was
kind of fun at the same time. When the lightning stopped we knew we
had to go because we had lunch with a member. As we were running out
of the down we had to be super careful walking over the bridges
because they are not sturdy at all and the river was really deep and
really fast. All of the houses were completely flooded with water.
When we got back to our house we found out that our house was
completely flooded too! Luckily the members that we live with put all
of our suitcases and stuff on top of our beds so none of our things
were wet. But there was no electricity and a lake of water in our
house and the house of the members... ugh it was awful! Our house
smelt so bad! As we were walking to our lunch appointment we had to
take the long way because the streets had literally turned into
rivers. Also my shoe got stuck in the toxic slime mud and I had to
wash my foot in the gross over flow water.... ya it was definitely an
adventure but the good news is that everyone was fine and the rain
eventually stopped. We have two baptisms this saturday that I am
really  excited for. Hna Lupe is excited for her baptism but sometimes
when we go visit her she seems like really hesitant. I am hoping we
can keep her excited until Saturday. Our other baptism is Carlos and
he is an old man whose wife died and his daughter gave us the
referral. He loves everything about the gospel and is really excited
about his baptism. Oh and Estafita! She is my favorite. She is a
single mom and we started teaching her last week. She was so receptive
to our message and she is going to get baptized on the 23rd! Her
little boy Justin is soo cute! Well that is all I have for you this
week, I hope that you all enjoy your week and I will talk to you again
next Monday! Love you!

Hermana Allphin

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