Monday, June 16, 2014

Adventures :)

Hola Familia J
So last Monday we went to the waterfalls at Ahuashiyacu and it was such a fun experience. All sixteen of us got in a van a drove up the canyon for a while. The road was seriously so windy! We hiked and hiked and hiked some more through like pure jungle…. Seriously! Our legs were dying. We found this old swing that was made out of a garden hose and a piece of wood. The swing was huge and it swings over a huge ravine in the canyon. The elders decided that I was the first one that needed to try it, don’t ask me why. I got on the swing and went for it and honestly it was little bit scary but it was way cool at the same time! After I did it everyone else did it as well, including the senior missionary couple, haha it was way fun. We got up to the waterfalls and it was way cold but absolutely beautiful! We hiked up way behind the waterfalls and it was a way cool experience. So the senior missionaries here in Tarapoto live in a beautiful house.  Their names are Elder and Sister Mayne and they are like our grandparents. For our service project on Wednesday, Sister Mayne wanted us to come help her in the house. The whole zone went to her house and we helped her scrub cabinets, wash windows and do yard work while she was baking brownies for us and Elder Mayne was out doing a Barbeque. After the service we all at barbeque and brownies and had a nice American lunch. We love eating with them because they always give us American food. We are going to celebrate the fourth of July in their house J our investigator Martha is doing really well. She is getting baptized on Saturday and really I love her with all of my heart! In our lesson with her last night she told us of an experience. She said, “This morning I was making my breakfast and I didn’t have any ecco so I wanted to drink my coffee like usual. Then I remembered that the sisters had told me that I shouldn’t drink coffee and I really wanted to be obedient to the commandments so I didn’t drink the coffee, I drank something else instead.” Can you talk about a golden investigator? She really is so amazing and will be a faithful member for the rest of her life. She already has plans to go to the temple next year. I am so excited for her baptism on Saturday. We have transfers today and I hope with all my heart that I don’t get transferred so that I can be here for her baptism. We have been a little bit wrapped up in World Cup because the games are on in literally every house that we try and get into. No one wants to listen to us; they just want to watch soccer. In honor of World Cup the elders have felt the need to play soccer every P-day…. I won’t say my soccer skills are that good but I am getting better J The little white girl playing soccer with the Elders who have played professionally all their life… ya it is pretty funny J I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you are all doing well. HAPPY FATHER´S DAY DADDY!! I love you so much!
Hermana Allphin

this is my trainer Hermana Salinas. She finished her mission and went home yesterday. Gonna miss her alot!

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