Monday, October 7, 2013

Last Week in the CCM!

Hola Familia! 
So this week has been kind of a blur, I feel like I dont have anything inspiring to write but I will try to keep you updated on what is happening. Last night we had to say goodbye to one of our teachers ( we only have two) Hermano Bejar and it was really hard for our district. We sang " God be with you til we meet again" in spanish and we all lost it. Our elders were bawling like babies and it was super sad. Hermano Bejar bore his testimony to us and his cute fiance did as well and it was so touching. He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and he has brought the spirit into our lives so strongly and definitely helped us to be better missionaries. I have only known him for 6 weeks but he is definitely someone who has changed my life. It is going to be weird going to this last week of class without him as our teacher. So this morning for P-day, since we won the tree last week, we had a little christmas party with our district. It was so fun because last night was christmas eve and we sang christmas songs and everything and then this morning we went down to our class room and opened presents and sang around the christmas tree and it was such a blast! I absolutely love my district, they are my best friends! So we had to go to the immigration office this week in Central Lima and it was kind of a cool experience but it was a really long day. The city was beautiful and it had really big huge buildings that looked  european and everything was super nice! We were at the immigration office for almost 6 hours and then we had another 1.5 hours on the bus getting home because of traffic.... ya it was a long day but the good news is that everything should be good with my Visa! Today was our last P-day in the CCM and it was kind of sad because it was also the last time that we are going to be able to go to the temple until we finish our missions but está bien because I am super excited for Iquitos! I cant believe that I have already been out here for almost a month! They aren´t kidding when they say that time flies. I don´t feel like I have been here for that long and I don´t feel totally prepared but I know it will be amazing! Sad day for everyone, I won´t be able to email you next week. I leave for my mission on Tuesday morning sometime and won´t be able to send an email but you should be getting an email from the mission president at least. I will get to email you the next Monday though. This is my last letter for a couple of weeks so everyone enjoy General Conference, we are all super excited about it here in the CCM! It is going to be so fun to watch it with all of the missionaries :) I love you all, wish me luck next week! Voy a Iquitos en 6 días!
Hermana Allphin

This is our fun christmas party!

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