Monday, October 21, 2013

Bug Spray, Baptisms....and lots of Bananas!

Hola Familia! 
Okay so I have like no time to write an email today because the
internet is really slow. So I had my first baptism on Saturday and it
was super cool but we had so many problems. We got to the chapel half
an hour early and the mission leader told us there was a problem.
There was no water in the chapel and we had no way to fill the font
up....kind of a problem. So plan B was to get buckets of water and
fill it up by hand haha and that is what we did. The only problem with
that was it takes a lot of water to fill up a font! Next problem was
that the Elder that was supposed to come and baptize her was super
late becasue he had to come from far away and we didnt know if he was
going to make it.... the only problem with that was he was the only
one who had baptism clothes besides our zone leaders and they had an
appointment. We had no priesthood and no water and everyone was
waiting. The baptism was supposed to start as 7 but it started at
8:45! We ran to our house to make it by 9:30. The most important thing
though is that she got baptized. We have another baptism next saturday
and hopefully we dont run into as many problems! This week was really
good but it is extremely hot! Like unbelievably hot and humid. Oh and
random fact, we eat so many bananas. Fried bananas, boiled bananas,
banana chips, salted bananas, sweet bananas, banana smoothies, you
name it and I have probably had it! We are teaching some really great
people and we had a lot of our investigators come to church yesterday.
This is a huge adjustment because everything is so different but I am
getting used to it and the work is going great! Sorry I dont have time
to write more. I will send you pictures of everything next week. Love
you all!
Hermana Allphin

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