Monday, October 14, 2013

Bienvenida a la Selva!

Hola Familia!

Okay so I have sooo much to tell you and not a lot of time but I will try my best. So after we got to the mission office last Tuesday we had interviews (in spanish) and then we got assigned to our areas and our companions and then we were off. My companions name is Hermana Salinas and she is from Paraguay. She has helped me a lot these past few days and she is an awesome trainer. It is kind of hard sometimes because she speaks absolutely no english but I am getting used to it. Our area that we are serving in is called Secada. Pretty much it is just straight jungle! The first day I arrived we were out walking visiting members and I just kept thinking "I just got dropped in the middle of the Jungle Book!" Haha the houses here have roofs made of sticks and branches and the majority of the houses have mud and dirt floors. The house we live in has cement floors though and a real roof so that is way nice. We live with a wonderful member family and the wife of the family is our pensionista so she cooks us breakfast and dinner. I absoluetly love the food here! There hasnt been one meal that I havent liked so far. All of the food is super weird though, I havent eaten anything yet that I have known what is was before I ate it... so that is kind of sketchy sometimes but oh well. Something really cool about our area is that this area has never had sister missionaries....ever! We are the first sisters in this area and everyone is so excited. We were warmly welcomed to this area :) There is an neighborhood in our area called Mama Irene and it is the poorest place I have ever seen. I call it a shack town because all of the houses are shacks built on the side of the road with muddy rivers running through the town and stray animals wandering everywhere. Not gonna lie I have walked over some pretty sketchy bridges! The bridges here literally are pieces of plywood thrown over these huge trenches! Not my favorite. We have a baptism this saturday of a girl from Mama Irene named Vanessa. I really love her and am super excited for her baptism. The Elders baptized her mom and sister and now we are finishing her lessons. She is 18 and super cute and she is so enthusiastic about the church! We have a lot of weddings coming up! These families have to be married before they can be baptized and we have a lot of families that want to be baptized and so we have tons of weddings! I will have lots to tell you in the letters to come. I dont have a lot of time but we are teaching a bunch of families right now and I absolutely adore them! Hopefully we can get them all to baptism. That is all I have time to write this week, I will try to send pictures next week. I love you all, Iquitos is very different but there is lots of work to be done! Les Amo!

Hermana Allphin

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