Thursday, August 29, 2013

The First E-Mail from Hermana Allphin

Okay so this keyboard is really weird so sorry for the really bad grammar. There is no accents, or apostraphes etc. So I am here! All of my luggage arrived safe and sound and we got through customs with no problem. The flight to Lima was extremely long but I sat by a friend so it made it a little bit better. We arrived at the airport and they put us on a big bus to go to the MTC. The ride to the MTC was crazy because people drive really fast and the streets are really small. The city was not what I expected at all! We got to the MTC at like 1:00 am and got our companions. Everyone that was already in my room is sick so hopefully me and my new comp dont get sick as well. I am here safe and sound and everything is great! My pday is tuesday so I will send you a longer letter then! I love you so much!
con mucho amor

Hermana Allphin

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