Thursday, August 29, 2013

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.

Written by Lisa:

5:30 AM, everyone was pretty tearful as we pulled out of the drive way to go to the airport. Chantelle had made little gifts and letters for all of us that she handed out in the car which didn't make things any easier. The mood brightened up though as we neared the airport and we were teasing Dad for taking the wrong parking exit.  Once inside, the airport check-in was filled with several departing missionaries, many of which were traveling to Peru with Chantelle.  Each missionary looked on anxiously as their parents entered their passports and travel itinerary and siblings gathered around to say their last good byes.  It was really comforting to see some friendly faces among the  missionaries  and meet their families.  We went up stairs to say our last good byes knowing that it would be the last embrace for 18 months. It was a tender moment as each one gave  Chantelle a big hug and  told her that we loved her. Then the moment was over, she grabbed her bags and walked away with all of the other missionaries into security.   We  stayed and watched until we couldn't see her any longer and then it was over.  After four months of anticipations and almost of year of talking about a mission, the day had finally come to start this amazing journey.  Good luck my sweet girl your are amazing!

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