Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Official!

Hey everyone!

The time is finally here! I am being set apart as a full time missionary in 3 hours! It will finally be official :) I will be flying to the Peru MTC early in the morning and I will be there for 6 weeks before I head out to the Iquitos mission! I am so excited for my adventures the next few weeks in Lima. I have so much stuff I could probably live for 5 years on a deserted island but it's okay.... better safe than sorry right? I feel bad for the elders who have to help me carry my suitcases! This is going to be a grand adventure and an incredible journey and I can't wait to meet all of these new people. Hopefully this blondie can survive in the jungle for 18 months.... I guess we will see! My Aunt Brie will be keeping the blog updated with my weekly emails and lots of pictures :) This is the last post from yours truly! I love you all, wish me luck!

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