Monday, February 2, 2015

My compy :)

Hola Familia :)
Bueno, I dont even know where to start with this email. Nothing super special happened this week, just the routine of missionary work. We worked really hard and found some super cool people and we are especially excited for the wedding and baptism that we have coming up this Saturday :) This area is really tough and we are facing a lot of rejection right now but the only thing that we can do is keep going and the Lord will lead us to where he needs us to go. I do have a pretty funny story to tell you this week. We were contacting at a window and this big drunk man came up behind us to go into his house but I didnt see him. I kid you not, my companion saw him and then bulldozed me out of the way to start running.....literally. Drunk men are really annoying but they cant really do anything to us because we can just run away.... like in the Book of Mormon :) Haha afterwards I was trying to thank my companion for trying to protect us and she was like.... " Protect us? I was trying to get you out of the way to escape!" hahaha my companion is pretty funny seriously. She literally lives in a little village in the middle of Bolivia. When I got to this area she just looked at me for a few minutes and then said, " Blue eyes? That cant be!" Her mom almost had a heart attack when she heard that her daughter is now serving with a "gringa" she is the funniest, wierdest person I have ever met but we get a long great :) I am so happy to be serving in this last area with her. I love you all, I would send pictures but my camera broke this week :( Be excited to hear about the wedding next week! Love you!
Hermana Allphin

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