Wednesday, October 22, 2014

9 Investigators!!

Hola Familia!!
Well this week was an interesting one! We have been hard at work in our area and we are seeing some really good success. We had 9 investigators come to church yesterday!! Whoo! That is a record. We were seriously soo excited. One of the families that came to church is a single mother and her son that are going to get baptized on Saturday! I am way excited for their baptism because honestly they are so prepared. The mom is Paola and her 12-year old son is named Paul. She also has a 3-year old little girl named Annabel. She is the funniest little lady and she is so head strong and even though her whole family is telling her that she should not get baptized she just brushes it off her shoulder and tells us, “Hermanas, I am so excited for my baptism!” We really love her and her son Paul is really enjoying being in the young mens. Their baptism is going to be great. The other family that came is a young couple who want to get married this month of November. They have a little baby. Last week their little boy got really sick and they couldn’t take him to the hospital because they didn’t have any money. When we walked into their little one room house, the first thing I thought was, “that baby is dying.” He was throwing up and had a really high fever. Me and my companion did not know what to do so we called the Bishop and he came and gave him a blessing and the fever instantly dropped and he is doing much better. We are really excited for them to get baptized and married this month. We also had a mother come with her two kids and we passed by to visit them in the night and her husband happened to be there. As we shared the message of the Restoration the father of this family told us that he had been looking for a way to change his life and that he would do everything possible to come to church with his family next Sunday. Score!!! We have some good things happening in our area and we can really see the hand of the Lord in all things. He is really blessing us. I really hope I don’t get transferred today!!!! I guess we will see what happens but I love being here in Ucayali! I love you all, talk to you next weekJ
Hermana Allphin

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