Monday, July 21, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Hola Familia!
Okay so I really dont have a lot of time to write today because we are going as a zone to see a castle!! I am way excited about that. This week was full of trials and blessings, so pretty much it was a normal week as a missionary. We found one of our old investigators this week. She was the lady we found with the six little kids and her husband is in jail. She was travelling but she came back and she came to church yesterday! She accepted a baptismal date for the 9th of August. I really hope that date doesn’t fall. We had a funny experience this week. Saturday it literally rained all day. We were out working in the rain for like 9 hours and we got home covered in mud and dirt and soaking wet. We sat down to plan and I pulled out the phone and it was wet! We freaked out and took the battery out so that it could dry and when we put it back in….. it wouldn’t turn on. We took the entire phone apart and dried all of it and then put it back together and….. it still wouldn’t turn on. We were super stressed because the zone leaders aren’t going to Iquitos for another two weeks so we would be without a phone for a long time. We decided to pray. We prayed that the phone would work and then we went to sleep. The next morning we tried to turn the phone and it immediately turned on and we have not had any problems with it since J Heavenly Father loves us a lot!! Well I hope you all have an awesome week! Love you!
Hermana Allphin

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