Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So.... I ate and Octopus.

Hola Amigas y Familia.

This week has been pretty great so far. I mean ya, it is just another week in the CCM but lets be honest every week here is amazing! We have been teaching our "investigators" Marcos and Pilar and they are progressing really well. Haha our investigators are actually just our teachers but they are really good actors and so it feels like they are real people. Me and Hna. Hawkins got both of them to accept baptism which was the coolest thing ever. Teaching is a little difficult sometimes because Hna. Hawkins doesnt speak a lot of Spanish so I have to talk a lot in the lessons and our "investigatos" literally speak no English so we just have to do sherades sometimes to explain everything to them! I love our teachers though. They are the most spiritual, amazing people and they are so inspirational. Okay so generally the food here in the CCM is really good but on Saturday, they served us a huge plate of what looked like lasagna. Come to find out it was a huge casserole of every type of seafood you could possibly imagine. There was clams, mussels, crabs, some other kinds of fish and of course... octopus. Here is the thing, I didnt know there was octopus in the casserole so I put this big huge piece of purple meat on my fork and kind of just looked at it for a second. Hna. Burrell was sitting next to me and was like "Oh dont worry that is just crab." Then Elder Workinger was just like "go for it, eat it!" I stuck the whole thing in my mouth and started chewing. Let me tell you, it was not crab. I gagged on it, grabbed my napkin and spit it out. Oh my heavens it was the most awful thing. If I could give you one comparison about what it tasted like I would tell you to go get a bottle of rainbow powerbait, smell it, and that smell is exactly how this octopus tasted.... disgusting. We had a really nice morning at the temple. There were a couple old ladies in our session who were being endowed for the first time and it was so cute. We get to go shopping every Pday and usually we make fun of our Elders for buying so much food but today they were making fun of the Hermanas. We loaded up on like every kind of peruvian snack we could find because everything is so cheap here! I got so much stuff for like 6 American dollars. Haha they warned us about not getting fat in the CCM.... we will see how that goes! I love you all and hope things are going well for you. Oh and by the way, we are going street contacting again on Saturday, wish me luck! Hopefully this time I get put with a Latina companion. Guess we will see :) Enjoy the pictures! I love you!
Hermana Allphin

This is me and my wonderful district at the temple! I love them

I love my district! also I love Pday!
 This is Elder Chatwin (dl) e. workinger, h. nelson and burrel
this is all of the people from my district going to Iquitos:)
hna. dickey, hna, burrell, me, elder workinger, and elder brown

This is a Granadía.... yes it is pretty gross. It looks like fish eggs

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  1. You look GREAT Chantelle! I am so glad that you are happy and doing well. I think of you often and I am so excited for you to have this experience. Things are starting to cool down here in Utah and I am not ready for the cooler weather! It is suppose to be REALLY cold this winter; like last year wasn't? -7 wasn't cold enough:) Stay safe and enjoy EVERY second; it will go by so fast and you will wonder where the time went! Love you! Linda